Toxic Ingestion

Goshen Animal Clinic Discusses Toxic Ingestion/Poison and Treatment

When a dog or cat becomes exposed to toxins, the possibility of a medical emergency increases, necessitating a trip to an animal clinic for an evaluation. Make an appointment with our veterinarian at Goshen Animal Clinic in Prospect if you suspect your pet has been poisoned. Here is some information about toxic ingestion and how a trip to our animal hospital can help your pet in this type of situation.

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Evaluate Your Pet's Behavior Constantly

It is important to pay attention to your pet and their behavioral actions on a constant basis. This way, if they happen to ingest something poisonous, you will be likely to recognize changes in the way that they act or their overall health. Poisoning is usually noticed when a pet vomits, has changed to their elimination actions, becomes lethargic, has difficulty walking, or displays signs of being in general pain or discomfort. 

Make Sure To Check The Home For Dangers

Preventing poisoning from occurring is the best method to protect your pet from harm. Take a look at the items within the areas that your pet utilizes on a daily basis. Chemical agents should be removed from these areas and kept in spots where they are locked and away from pets completely. When cooking foods that are considered toxins to pets, keep your dog or cat in another room until clean up is completed. If you are unsure whether something is poisonous to a pet, contact our veterinarian for further information. It is best to avoid having your pet come near the item to be safe.

Bring Your Pet To Our Veterinarian If Toxins Are Consumed

If you fear your pet has eaten something poisonous, bringing them to our veterinarian for an evaluation is best. In some instances, a pet needs to get toxic substances out of their stomach immediately. In other cases, it is best to refrain from having a pet vomit as the substance could cause damage to their throat or esophagus. For this reason, a call should be made to our practice first to find out the protocol for the particular item the pet had ingested.

Bringing along leftovers of the toxic item to the veterinarian is helpful as they will be able to check the ingredients used within the substance to determine the best course of action for treatment. Make sure to keep the poisonous item away from your pet while in transit to our facility.

Contact Our Goshen Animal Clinic in Prospect, KY!

Contact Goshen Animal Clinic in Prospect to get your pet necessary treatment when toxins are involved. Call our animal clinic today at (502) 228-1827 to obtain further information about pet poisoning or to make an appointment with our veterinarian for a pet evaluation.

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