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Playtime and Boarding Services Menu

Dog Services

Boarding (per night)                                                                        $24 (up to 40 lbs.)

  Includes: 3- 10 minute potty breaks,                                       $26 (40-80 lbs.)

  Science Diet Kibble, Treats and                                                $28 (over 80 lbs.)

  Belly Rubs

Sunday Pick-up Fee                                                              $10

Pawz-ercise Class with Boarding                                           $11(Individual)

  Your pet will enjoy group or individual                                    $9  (group)

  exercise time on our Playground!

DayStay (Group am class-9:30/ pm class 2:30)                           $15

  Includes 2 Pawz-ercise classes, 3 potty breaks

  and a mid-day treat. Choose group or

  individual exercise.

Leash Walk                                                                  $7 each

Gourmet Treat                                                             $4 each



Treat Puzzle                                                                        $6 (for 3 days)

  Hide-n-seek puzzle that your pet will LOVE

  to find hidden treats as they solve the puzzle.

Brush Out & Bandana                                                    $7 (under 20 lbs)

  Perfume and cologne optional                                         $11 (20-50 lbs)

  $16 (50-80 lbs)

  $19 (over 80 lbs)


Playtime and Boarding Services Menu

Cat Services

Boarding (per night)                                                             $15

  Includes: Fluffy bedding, visual entertainment,

  Science Diet Kibble, treats, ear and back rubs!

Sunday Pick-up fee                                                              $10

Whisker-cise (Kitty Playtime) with Boarding                           $5(per day)

  Your “Feline Friend” can enjoy some cuddle or

  exercise time with a playtime professional

Kitty Condo                                                                 $9

  Hide-away sleeper with soft and cozy bedding,

  cat toy and bed time treat each evening

  ** Toy and Sleeper are yours to keep

Gourmet Treat                                                             $3(per day)

  Choose: Real Tuna, Chicken, or Fancy Feast

Exit Brush                                                                   $7 (short hair)

  $11 (long hair)