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veterinarian with pets At Goshen Animal Clinic, our veterinarian in Prospect is committed to your pet's health and wellness. Because we understand that pets are a part of the family, our friendly and compassionate staff treats every pet that comes through our doors as one of our own. With three veterinarians on-site, as well as a number of veterinary technicians, vet assistants, and groomers, we're able to provide the services your pet needs at all stages of life.

From preventative care to after-hours emergency care and everything in between, you can count on Goshen Animal Clinic. We partner with two local veterinary clinics that are open for emergency care outside of our regular business hours, so if you have an emergency during these times, your pet can still receive the care he or she needs.

Services We Offer:

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Preventative Care

Our preventative care services are very popular, with comprehensive wellness exams being among the most common reasons pets come into our office. We generally recommend wellness exams at least once a year for adult pets that are in good health. If you have a senior pet, a puppy/kitten, or a pet with known medical problems, we may recommend more frequent examinations that allow us to stay on top of changes in your pet's health.
During your pet's exam, we'll also take the time to ensure your pet is up-to-date on all vaccinations. If not, we can administer these quickly in our office. We also offer flea, tick, and other parasite preventatives which we highly recommend for all indoor and outdoor pets.

Surgical Care

If your pet is in need of a surgical procedure, we can perform most procedures in our office using our state-of-the-art technology and expertise. The most common surgery we perform is spay and neuter, which we recommend for most pets. If your pet isn't yet spayed or neutered, schedule an appointment with our vet today to avoid unwanted litters and protect your pet's reproductive health.

Diagnostics and More

In addition to our preventative, surgical, and emergency care services, we offer a wide range of other miscellaneous services for your pet. For instance, we can perform diagnostic testing in our office to confirm or rule out certain medical issues for your pet. This can include anything from X-rays or ultrasounds to biopsies and blood work.
Is your pet microchipped? If not, we highly recommend having this done in our office. This quick and easy procedure can greatly improve the chances of you and your pet being reunited if he or she were to go missing.

Schedule Your Pet's Appointment With Our Prospect Vet Today

This is just a sampling of some of the many veterinary services our Prospect vet provides. If your pet is due for an exam or if you'd like to schedule an appointment for any other reason, be sure to give Goshen Animal Clinic a call. You can reach our friendly reception staff by calling (502) 228-1827.

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