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Pet Wellness Care at Goshen Animal Clinic

You get your teeth cleaned every six months and get a medical checkup every year; your pet needs the same type of preventative medical care to keep it living a long and healthy life. At Goshen Animal Clinic we schedule all of our furry patients for regular pet wellness exams. Making sure you pet has regular checkups not only helps to guarantee a healthier pet, it can save you money by avoiding expensive veterinary bills from a cat or dog will an untreated developing illness.

Husky getting a pet wellness exam.

Pet Exams Prospect Veterinarian Offers

While the annual pet wellness checkup is an important part of wellness, a physical checkup is not the only part of your pet's health we're concerned with. After giving your dog or cat a nose-to-tail examination, our veterinarian will check out other parts of its health, such as:

  • Oral hygiene and dental health
  • Looking for fleas, ticks, mites, and other parasites
  • Giving vaccinations, both core and non-core
  • Weighing and measuring to prevent pet obesity, and consultation if your pet is getting overweight
  • Discussion of any behavioral problems your pet might be exhibiting

Other Aspects of Pet Wellness

Once we determine that your pet is healthy, our veterinarian will discuss ways to keep it that way. Spaying and neutering not only eliminate the chance of unwanted litters, they also prevent a long list of cancers and other health dangers. We recommend spaying or neutering for all of our patients. We can perform the procedure as early as eight weeks, as long as your pet weighs at least two pounds, and the earlier it's performed the easier it is for your pet to recover.

Parasites can be simply annoying, like fleas, or they can endanger your pet's life like heartworms do. We offer preventative medication for all types of pet parasites, from topical applications to keep itching bugs away during the warm months, to monthly medication to prevent deadly heartworms from growing in your pet's body.

Bring Your Pet to Get Pet Wellness Care in Louisville Today

The best ally you can have for making sure your pet lives a long and healthy life is a veterinarian. Our vet will help to keep your pet healthy, be here for any emergencies that might arise, and will help you with any questions you may have. Give us a call at 502-228-1827 and we'll schedule an appointment that fits in with your busy lifestyle.

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