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Pet Vaccinations Offered at Goshen Animal Clinic

Vaccinations are chemicals that help your pet's body become immune to specific deadly diseases. At Goshen Animal Clinic regular vaccinations are a key part of every pet's annual wellness examination. From the first puppy and kitten shots we give to pets on their first visit to booster vaccines older pets receive, our veterinary team will administer the right combination of vaccinations to every pet in our office.

Kitten getting his first round of pet vaccinations.

Different Life Stages Means Different Vaccines

When pets are born, they get their mother's immunity passed on to them through their bloodstream. As long as these pets are still nursing, they'll still receive antibodies from the mother, keeping them healthy and safe. When an animal is weaned, at about six weeks of age, its immunity begins to fade. That's the time for its first veterinary visit, as well as when we give it its first puppy or kitten shot. This vaccine is a combination of different medicines designed to begin creating immunity in each dog or cat against the most common dangerous diseases. We'll have you bring your pet in three more times during the year, and we'll give it another vaccine during each visit. By the time your pet is a year old, it will have full immunity.

Even this immunity will wear off eventually, though, without booster shots. Every year, when you bring your pet in for its annual wellness exam, we'll vaccinate it again for the most common general diseases. These are called core vaccines. In addition, we may recommend other vaccinations depending on your pet's environment or lifestyle. These vaccines, called non-core vaccines, are only used as needed. For instance, if your pet will stay in a boarding facility, we'll immunize against bordetella, or kennel cough.

How We Choose the Right Vaccines

Every pet in our practice will get the correct dose of core vaccines every year against diseases such as rabies and distemper. In addition, our veterinarian will consult with you to find out about your pet's normal environment. Depending on certain factors, he'll recommend other vaccines as needed. Not every pet will receive every pet vaccinations Prospect pets in other families need, it all depends on how your pet spend its time.

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Vaccinations are a crucial part of preventative medicine and responsible pet ownership. If your pet hasn't had its annual vaccinations yet this year, give us a call at 502-228-1827 to schedule an appointment.

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