Pet Eye Injuries

Eye Injuries and Treatment in Pets at Our Prospect Veterinarian


Any sign of eye injury in a beloved pet can be concerning and even scary. Eye injuries affect cats and dogs of all ages and range from simple to complicated. No matter the severity, an eye injury always requires veterinary care. We provide compassionate and comprehensive treatment for a variety of eye injuries in pets at our Prospect veterinarian, Goshen Animal Clinic.

Types of Eye Injuries Treated at Our Animal Hospital in Prospect

Our state-of-the-art office is equipped to handle everything from suspected changes in the eyes to obvious eye emergencies. Specifically, types of eye injuries treated at our animal hospital in Prospect are simple and complicated. A simple injury only affects the outermost layer of the eye — the cornea or sclera. A complicated injury goes beyond the anterior and causes more harm to the eye, including the risk of vision loss.

Common Eye Injuries:

  • Foreign object in the eye can cause redness, swelling and tearing. Treatment may include a saline solution to flush the eye or special forceps to remove the object. In some cases, we will suture the eye and provide medications to prevent infection and pain.
  • Penetrating injuries, such as those from a plant, cat claw or even a bullet, are monitored for swelling and pressure, as glaucoma can develop. Steroids and antibiotics may be prescribed.
  • Corneal injuries include ulcers and lacerations. Some animals develop ulcers from insufficient tear production, while others are caused by scratches (often from a cat). Surgery is the usual treatment. For lacerations, sutures will close the eye so that it can heal.
  • Retinal detachment is a serious condition in which the retina separates from the back of the eyeball. Although it is more common in older dogs, cats and dogs of any age can suffer retinal detachment from an underlying medication condition or from trauma. Depending on the severity, we will surgically reattach the retina, or we will work to treat the underlying condition.

Veterinary Eye Examinations

Because our pet patients cannot tell us where or how exactly it hurts, our veterinary eye examinations employ different techniques to determine which tissues may be injured. We may shine a bright light in the eye or bring an object close to the eye and observe the animal's response. The shape, symmetry, and size of the pupils, as well as how the pupils react to light, help us diagnose and treat the eye. We may also run blood work to screen for underlying conditions.

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