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pet dental health at goshen animal clinic

It's easy to assume that your pet's teeth are all but indestructible, considering how ingeniously and fearlessly he uses them for various tasks. But your pet's mouth isn't all that different from own in many respects -- including the potential for dental/oral diseases and injuries that can cause pain, make chewing food impossible, and even introduce serious complications. If you want your beloved pet to live a long, happy, healthy life, you need to start by taking care of his teeth. Here at Goshen Animal Clinic, we can provide a lifetime of dental treatment and preventative care your furry friend.

Dental Health Matters: Common Threats to Your Pet's Well-Being

Your pet's dental health has implications for every aspect of his well-being. Simply being able to chew normally and without pain helps assure normal digestion and proper absorption of nutrients; missing teeth or painful gums can make these vital physical tasks impossible. Your pet's mouth is also a point of entry for infection, inflammatory conditions and dangerous diseases. These problems include:

  • Periodontal disease - This inflammation of the gums leads to severe oral pain and tooth loss. It starts when bacteria feed on dental plaque and tartar, triggering inflammatory responses from the body.
  • Damage and infections - A cracked, broken or deteriorated tooth is not only painful; it can also allow bacteria to enter the mouth, and then the rest of the body (including the heart).
  • Oral cancer - Oral cancer in pets can lurk undetected by owners until it has become highly advanced. The sooner this hazardous disease is detected and treated, the better.

The good news is that routine veterinary dental care can help your pet steer as clear as possible from these health challenges. By emphasizing dental health through regular preventative procedures, we can actually help your pet live a longer and happier life.

Exams, Cleaning and Treatment at Our Prospect KY Clinic

Our Prospect KY veterinary clinic can serve as your pet's all-in-one source for dental and oral care. We typically recommend annual dental exams as part of your pet's regular wellness routine, although senior animals or animals with dental disease may need more frequent attention. Our team can check for periodontal disease, oral cancer, tooth damage, infections and other problems, recommending the proper treatment options to address any such issues right away.

We also perform deep cleaning under anesthesia, getting rid of tartar even underneath the gum line.Dental hygiene at home is another smart strategy. We can advise you on tooth brushing products and techniques, tartar-control foods and chew toys, and other best practices for keeping your pet's teeth healthy between appointments.

Give Your Pet a Healthy Mouth

Dental health is vital for the overall health of your pet -- but he can't provide it for himself. It's up to you to schedule those checkups, cleanings, and consultations that can keep your pet well. Call Goshen Animal clinic today at 502-228-1827!

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