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Unfortunately, cats and dogs, as well as other small pets, can suffer from allergies just as people doing. Knowing the symptoms of an allergy, as well as the conditions that can cause them, can help you to get your pet treatment when needed. Calling Goshen Animal Clinic in Prospect, KY to meet with our Vet when a suspected allergy is causing difficulties for your pet is one way to handle problems promptly. Here is some additional information about pet allergies and how to handle them if they are noticed.

cat with allergyHow An Animal Gets An Allergy

Pets can contract an allergy at any time in its life. The pet can be born with an allergy, or it could come upon suddenly when they are older. Allergies occur when a pet's immune system tries to rid the body of substances the pet ingests, breathes in, or comes into contact with via the skin. The immune system will naturally take steps to remove the substance from the body in the form of skin problems, digestive troubles, or breathing difficulties. Allergies are often caused by food, chemicals, or pests.

How Allergies Are Diagnosed

Allergies are usually not too difficult to notice in a pet. If a pet starts displaying behavioral changes, it may be the result of an annoyance within the body. Be on the lookout for different eating habits than the norm, signs of difficulty breathing or engaging in normal activities, and skin problems signified with excessive scratching or biting at the fur. If you believe your pet is suffering from a particular allergen, such as a new food product, cease using it in your home and watch for signs of a decrease in symptoms.

How A Vet Can Help

Taking your pet to our vet if you believe they are suffering from an allergy is the best way to pinpoint exactly what is bothering your dog or cat. Our veterinarian will conduct a full physical to check over your pet's overall medical condition. The use of medication may be helpful in stopping symptoms from occurring. They will then devise a plan along with your assistance to find out exactly what your pet is allergic from so you can avoid triggers that start allergic reactions in the future.

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If your pet is showing symptoms of an allergy, getting help quickly is a must. Give a call to Goshen Animal Clinic in Prospect, KY and ask to speak with our veterinarian about steps you can take to minimize discomfort for your animal. Make an appointment by calling (502) 228-1827 today.  


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