Microchipping At Goshen Animal Clinic

The process of microchipping a cat or dog is one that many pet owners rely upon to keep their animals safe. If you are interested in learning more about microchipping, or if you are ready to have the procedure done for your pet, contact Goshen Animal Clinic in Prospect to meet with our veterinarian. Here is some information about this useful process including what you can expect when you bring your dog or cat to our animal clinic to have the procedure conducted.

What Microchipping Does For A Pet

The process of microchipping a pet provides their owner with the peace of mind that their animal will be returned to them if it is found and brought somewhere with a chip reader. The chip implanted into a pet will contain the contact information of their owner. This information is uploaded to the implant via a computer program and it will remain in place throughout the pet's life.

Why It Is Important To Consider This Procedure

Those who have pets that have strayed away from home in the past know the fear involved when there is worry that they will not come back home. Microchipping will ensure that a pet found by someone else and brought to an appropriate location for scanning will be reunited with their owner. Most people are aware of this procedure and will bring a lost pet to a veterinarian's office or humane society to see if a chip is indeed present in the animal's skin. If there is a question about whether a pet belongs to a particular person claiming ownership, the microchip will prove who will be bringing the pet home after it is found.

How Our Veterinarian Will Protect Your Pet

Getting your dog or cat microchipped is an easy process that is done in the comfort of one of our examination rooms. After your contact information is logged into a database and uploaded to a chip, our veterinarian will insert the piece underneath several layers of your pet's skin. This is usually done between your dog or cat's shoulder blades as this location is difficult for a pet to access via scratching or biting. The chip is implanted using a thin needle, much like that used to give your pet immunizations. Your pet will not feel pain, but only some minor discomfort during the implanting and healing process after the chip is in place.

Contact Our Goshen Animal Clinic in Prospect, KY!

If you are interested in finding out more about having your pet microchipped, contact Goshen Animal Clinic in Prospect to speak with one of our veterinary team members. Call our animal hospital today at (502) 228-1827 to make an appointment for a consultation for this important procedure.

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