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Cat and Dog Boarding and Day Care at Goshen Animal Clinic

Cats and dogs (especially cats) may seem completely able to look after themselves when you're away -- but leaving your beloved pet with minimal attention can prove both traumatizing and potentially dangerous. If you want to rest assured that your best friend is receiving VIP care when you can't be there, you need to look into the cat and dog boarding and day care services at Goshen Animal Clinic. Our Prospect, KY vet center gives your pet a safe, healthy place to eat, sleep and play.

Dog peering under the fence, waiting for its owner to come home.

Why Veterinary Pet Boarding Makes Sense

Some pets appear perfectly content to lounge on the sofa and enjoy the occasional meal for days at a time. This can lead their owners into a false sense of security when it comes to leaving these animals on their own. But your pet may need more than the occasional dinner and pat on the head from your neighbor while you're out of town or busy at work.

Some animals can experience severe separation anxiety if they feel that they've been abandoned, leading to destructive behavior. Others have known medical conditions that require careful attention and periodic medication. A medical crisis can strike even the healthiest of pets without warning -- and what if no one is there to notice and arrange for veterinary help? Veterinary pet boarding eliminates all of these concerns by surrounding your pet with human company (and the company of other pets) as well as top-quality medical assistance as needed.

Pet Boarding Services and Procedures

Our pet boarding and day care services at Goshen Animal Clinic will make your pet feel welcome, comfortable, and safe. In addition to plenty of good food and fresh water, your pet will enjoy spacious, climate-controlled quarters where he can stretch out and rest.

Cats get their own "kitty condos" to accommodate these animals' need for extra peace and quiet. But we offer opportunities for playtime, socialization, leashed walks, and optional toys or treats to keep your pet active. Best of all, our veterinary team is on hand to take care of any health concerns that might come up.

We ask that all pets be up to date on their vaccinations before they begin their stay with us, and that you let us know what date you're coming to pick him up. If your pet has any special needs, let us know so we can accommodate them during his stay.

Schedule Boarding at Our Prospect, KY Office

Don't wait till the last minute to book a pet boarding stay at our Prospect, KY office. Call 502-228-1827 today!

Playtime and Boarding Services Menu
Dog Services

Boarding (per night)
Includes: 3- 10 minute potty breaks,
Includes: 3- 10 minute potty breaks,
Belly Rubs
$28.50 (up to 40 lbs.)
$31(40-80 lbs.)
$33 (over 80 lbs.)
Sunday Checkout$16
Pawz-ercise Class with Boarding
Your pet will enjoy group or individual
exercise time on our Playground!
$9 (group)
DayStay (Group am class-9:30/ pm class 2:30)
Includes 2 Pawz-ercise classes, 3 potty breaks
and a mid-day treat. Choose group or
individual exercise.
Leash Walk $8 each
Gourmet Treat
$4 each
Treat Puzzle
Hide-n-seek puzzle that your pet will LOVE
to find hidden treats as they solve the puzzle.
$6 (for 3 days)
Exit Bath 
Availability and pricing based on groomer evaluation

Playtime and Boarding Services Menu
Cat Services

Boarding (per night)
Includes: Fluffy bedding, visual entertainment, Science Diet Kibble, treats, ear and back rubs!

Whisker-cise (Kitty Playtime) with Boarding
Your “Feline Friend” can enjoy some cuddle or
Your “Feline Friend” can enjoy some cuddle or
$5(per day)
Kitty Condo
Hide-away sleeper with soft and cozy bedding,
cat toy and bed time treat each evening
** Toy and Sleeper are yours to keep
Gourmet Treat
Choose: Real Tuna, Chicken, or Fancy Feast
$3(per day)
Exit Brush
$11 (long hair)
$7 (short hair)

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