Holiday Coping Strategies

Holiday Coping Strategies For Pet Owners From our Prospect Veterinarian

For you, the holidays are a time for family, friends, fun, and celebration. For your pet, the holidays are not as pleasant. During the holidays, it is easy for your pet to get stressed out or sick. It is up to you to protect your pet during the holiday season. Below are a few tips to help you do this.

Dog wearing a Santa hat on Christmas
Pet-Friendly Holiday Decorations

Holiday decorations make your home look and feel more festive. However, certain decorations can be dangerous for your pet. If you want your pet to be safe this holiday season, you shouldn't use real holly or mistletoe. If your pet ingests either of these, he can get very sick. For the safety of your pet, you should use the plastic versions. You should also avoid using tinsel on your tree. If your pet ingests the tinsel, it can get wrapped up in his digestive system, which would require surgery or it could be fatal. Finally, rather than using real candles that can be knocked over by your pet can result in a fire, it is best to use the fake, battery-operated type.

Provide a Safe, Quiet Place For Your Pet

If you are planning a holiday celebration with family and friends, it will be fun for you, but it can be very stressful on your pet. If you are going to have a house full of guests, you should set up an area in a quiet room, such as a bedroom, for your pet to stay. You should make sure that he has a comfortable place to sleep and enough food and water to tide him over until the party is over. If he has a quiet place to retreat during the party, it will keep him from getting stressed out.

Keep Him From Eating Table Scraps

During the holidays, you may be tempted to feed your pet food from the holiday dinner. While your pet may love this, his digestive system may not. Suddenly changing your pet's diet can cause him to vomit or have diarrhea; therefore, it is best to avoid feeding him table scraps.

Also, if you are having a holiday party, you should make sure that your guests, especially children, know that they cannot feed your pet. This especially includes chocolate treats. Chocolate can make your pet very sick. It can also result in death. It is best to make sure that everyone knows that human food is off limits to your pet.

Board Your Pet While Traveling

If you are going to be traveling this holiday season, you should think about boarding your pet. Dogs need to be walked regularly and fed. This will be impossible for you to do while traveling. He would be better off in a boarding facility while you are gone.

Cats are more self-sufficient than dogs. They won't need to be walked, and you can easily fill the bowls with enough food and water to last him during your trip. However, if something were to happen such as the water being spilled or if he gets sick, there will be nobody around to help. Whether you have a cat or a dog, it is best to take him to a reputable boarding facility before traveling this holiday season.

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If you have any questions regarding your pet's safety this holiday season or if your pet becomes ill during the holidays, you should contact Goshen Animal Clinic in Prospect. Our veterinarian can treat your pet in the hospital, and you can be sure that he will get the best care possible. 

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