Dog and Cat Bathing and Grooming Services at Goshen Animal Clinic

No matter how much you love your dog or cat, there have doubtless been times when you just couldn't stand to look at (or smell) him until some serious bathing and grooming had taken place. But these services are more than merely cosmetic -- they can also play a vital role in your pet's overall health. That's why our team at Goshen Animal Clinic offers veterinary bathing and grooming services for your Prospect, KY dog or cat.

Puppy getting a bath before bathing.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pet Bathing and Grooming

Bathing and grooming are good for your pets in all sorts of ways. Check out the answers to some of these frequently asked questions on the subject:

  • Why is it a smart move to schedule grooming services at a veterinary facility? When your pet is being bathed and groomed at our veterinary clinic, we have an opportunity to look for any skin lesions, infections, or other external problems that might call for prompt medical care.
  • What are the health benefits of professional bathing and hair trimming? Bathing can remove dirt, oils, and skin debris that might otherwise attract bacteria, a prime cause of infections. Professional hair trimming allows us to remove any painful mats before bathing. It can also give your pet a stylish new short haircut for the "dog days" of summer.
  • Why does my pet need to get his nails trimmed? Wild animals wear their toenails down naturally, but domesticated pets don't get that chance. the resulting overgrowth can catch on flooring or carpeting, tearing the nails away from the toes. Periodic nail trimming, performed with care by an experienced professional, can eliminate this painful concern.
  • What is anal gland expression? Animals have anal glands that produce scent as an identifying marker. If these glands get blocked, your pet's behind may become itchy, irritated and even dangerously abscessed. Professional pet grooming services include gentle manipulation of the anal glands to release blockages that might otherwise cause health problems.
  • How often should I schedule veterinary bathing and grooming services for my pet? A monthly bath is generally a good idea for most animals. More frequent bathing may dry out the skin. Other grooming services can also be administered on a monthly basis, allowing to get all your pet's needs seen to in a single grooming session.

Does Your Prospect, KY Dog or Cat Need Bathing and Grooming?

If your prospect, KY dog or cat is in dire need of professional bathing and grooming, call Goshen Animal Clinic at (502) 228-1827 to schedule that appointment.

We can make sure your pet feels as good as he looks and smells!


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