Allergy FAQs

Allergy FAQs Answered By Our Prospect Veterinarian
Pets can suffer from allergies just as humans do. It is important to be on the lookout for symptoms of an allergy in your dog or cat so that proper treatment is conducted to keep them in the best of health. If signs that there is an allergy is noticed, bring your pet to Goshen Animal Clinic in Prospect, KY to see our Vet for an Allergy assessment. Here is some information about pet allergies to read over to help you determine whether your pet is in need of assistance.

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How Animals Get Allergies

Dogs and cats are at risk for allergies if their immune systems have difficulty with coming into contact with particular items or substances. Allergies are contracted when they come into contact with a dog or cat's skin, when they are inhaled into the body, or when they are ingested. The body will then cause reactions within the body in an attempt to rid itself of the allergen. The reaction will cause skin problems, breathing troubles, or digestive difficulties.

How An Allergy Is Diagnosed

An allergy can be difficult to diagnose as your cat or dog is not able to alert you when it is feeling symptoms. Watch for skin troubles such as redness, bumps, and itchiness. This is usually fairly easy to see as your pet may be scratching or biting at their skin if a rash appears. Breathing heavily or shallowly can also be a sign of an allergy. Vomiting and diarrhea may present themselves if your pet has a food allergy. If you suspect your pet is allergic to something, cut it from their presences completely. Watch your pet for diminishing symptoms.

If you are unsure about what is bothering your pet, cut their food back to one brand and flavor and grooming products completely, temporarily. Watch for the ceasing of symptoms and add a new food, one at a time, for several days while watching for the recurrence of symptoms. If food is not the culprit, slowly add grooming agents, one at a time and conduct the same evaluation. 

Schedule an Appointment with our Veterinarian at Goshen Animal Clinic in Prospect, KY

Our veterinarian will check over your pet to determine if your pet is suffering from an allergic reaction. They may also be able to assist with determining the cause. Our practitioner will also administer medication to help to minimize or eliminate the symptoms your pet is experiencing if necessary.

Contact Goshen Animal Clinic in Prospect, KY to make an appointment with our Vet if you suspect and Allergy is causing discomfort to your dog or cat. We are available by calling our facility at (502) 228-1827. We look forward to helping your pet.

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